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367), the Duke is an imperfect mortal, as fleshly as his subjects.
She argues, for example, that the actor's fleshly presence and use of the vernacular tamper with the removed and abstract voice of God (61).
First of all, there is a danger of reacting in the flesh, of responding not in a scriptural, spiritual way, but in a fleshly way.
After reminding the reader that he is arguing on the basis of reason, he summarizes the humanly comprehensible motives for which people might decide to adopt a religion: they might be constrained to do so by the sword; they might embrace the new religion in the hope of gaining wealth, power and status; they might embrace a religion that gives scope to their fleshly passions; or they might find in the new religion theological teachings of which the minds of ordinary people can approve, perhaps because of their simplicity or familiarity.
Later in the chapter she explores the rise of moralist opposition to public bathing as linked to prostitution and licentiousness offering the 1390 Von Edelstein painting Fleshly Lust as her proof.
In the final analysis, Child of the Jaguar Spirit offers a vision of a modern world where past and present forces, spiritualistic and fleshly, combine and the individual that is enthralled by it must face the odds as he finds himself locked in a battle for life and death.
We are not living today among theocratic nations where such members of our fleshly family relationship could be exterminated for apostasy .
Rabbinic Judaism and orthodox Christianity held on, however, to the fact that what God created--including the material, fleshly world, including the body--would be raised.
The topics include examining the extent of scriptural citation and allusion influence in 1 Corinthians, Paul and the law, unity and diversity in Pauline eschatology, Paul and the gymnasiarchs illustrating two approaches to pastoral formation in antiquity, fleshly versus spiritual perspectives in Romans 8:5-8, educating the divided soul in Paul's Romans 7:7-25 and Plato' Republic, whether Paul spoke Latin, and Roman citizenship in the ancient world and the importance of Paul being a Roman citizen for understanding Acts 22:22-29.
Fleshly woman's journey is told through myth, where she learns of the lives of two-spirited people, what they suffered, what they endured, and what they accomplished.
As you look at the facade along Third Avenue, you cannot help but notice a massive and irregular gash that scores the center of the structure, as though someone had stuck a knife into its fleshly surface and kept twisting it around.
The cause of this langour is no secret; it comes of indulgence in sexual passion and the image sums up for him the modern pursuit of godless, fleshly pleasure.