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The thread-like form of the presumed red algae was discovered first, and the fleshy colony variant was discovered later by Therese Sallstedt, a doctoral student and co-author of the study, who was investigating the fossil mats of cyanobacteria the algae were embedded in.
The second component originates as fleshy fibers, medioventrally to the first component.
Pterosaurs, flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs, had fleshy wings supported by a short bone called the pteroid bone and by a long finger bone.
Male turkeys also have a fleshy appendage which hangs down from the nose called a snood.
Pokeweed will return yearly from its massive fleshy root mass unless, for safety's sake, you dig it out before it gets any larger.
But no one had suspected that they -- or other dinosaurs, for that matter -- had fleshy structures on the tops of their heads.
But no one had suspected that they- or other dinosaurs, for that matter- had fleshy structures on the tops of their heads.
INTRODUCTION: Psoas minor is a slender muscle of posterior abdominal wall, having short fleshy belly and long tendon, lying anterior to Psoas major muscle.
This is a fleshy proliferation around the edges of the gums that covers the sides of the teeth and is especially common in boxers.
The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution, which allows researchers to move at a quicker pace and plant breeders to produce new varieties with specific desired characteristics.
Whenever I look in the mirror all I see are the growing crow's feet, the receding hair, the unshaven chin and little fleshy eyes" - Actor Ralph Fiennes.
com), which has fleshy stone fruit flavours without the use of oak, and Vinas del Vero Chardonnay 2010, Spain (pounds 9.