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what he can to arrest its growth, stiffen its flexibility and
Hence I am inclined to look at adaptation to any special climate as a quality readily grafted on an innate wide flexibility of constitution, which is common to most animals.
Here by intermarriage with the native women they rapidly developed into a race which while retaining all their original courage and enterprise took on also, together with the French language, the French intellectual brilliancy and flexibility and in manners became the chief exponent of medieval chivalry.
To the Anglo-Saxon vocabulary--vigorous, but harsh, limited in extent, and lacking in fine discriminations and power of abstract expression, was now added nearly the whole wealth of French, with its fullness, flexibility, and grace.
You will find strength of character up above, flexibility and quickness below; they have larger ways of regarding things among the hills, while the bent of the lowlands is always towards the material interests of existence.
His short figure, unable to stoop, without flexibility, could not express dejection.
Fancy a man who would guard his own life with the in flexibility of a pitiless and immovable fate, being brought to lament that once a crowbar had missed his skull
On June 23, the Department announced that seven states and the District of Columbia have received multiple years of continued flexibility from provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently known as No Child Left Behind.
The flexibility of both mental and physical aspects are important, the physical aspect to note several advantages of flexibility: flexibility, increasing blood flow to the active muscles, rapid release of energy to the muscles, ease the body, decrease in tension muscles, prevent and reduce injury potential while on the move and reduce menstrual discomfort before it becomes painful.
May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 4 in 10 full-time employees surveyed reported their employer's commitment to work life flexibility may have waned in the past year, despite the overwhelming availability of workplace flexibility, according to a new research report from the Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc.
For example, the use of a re-specified and more integrated model would allow us to tease out the relative impact of each dimension of manufacturing flexibility on manufacturing performance.
Flexibility in leasing options to accommodate changing corporate structure resulting from mergers, acquisitions and / or right-sizing is essential to providing real estate solutions that can be as fluid as the evolving corporation.