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One solution to low-friction flexures we identified is to use rolling elements, like pin joints, to build the flexure instead of sliding ones (see Figure 2).
Characteristics attributed to the flexure design are the elimination of friction and side-loads at non-vertical angles, unwanted particulate accumulation caused from bearing/bushing shedding, and its inherent ability to return the magnet to mid-stroke when re-energized
Nutfield Technology's HS-15 Galvanometer incorporates a uniquely designed cross flexure pivot to deliver extreme smoothness and repeatability.
A compliant mechanism normally uses a few flexure hinges to provide the desired fine motions in various directions.
The findings of this experimental study show that in order to bridge the opening in masonry walls, strengthening of brick masonry in flexure using CFRP sheets instead of providing R.
The shear hinges triggered failure in the building modeled with flexure and shear hinges in the columns and mid piers.
Helical's origins began with the HELI-CAL Flexible Coupling, including the concept and method of producing the HELI-CAL Flexure as a single piece flexible coupling/coupler and spring.
The topics include characterizing next-generation nickel-titanium rotary endodontic instruments, the mechanical behavior in compression and flexure of bioactive glass (13-93) scaffolds prepared by robotic deposition, the sol-gel preparation of silica-based nano-fibers for biomedical applications, the quantitative evaluation of the hydrophilic properties of polarized hydroxyapatite, and controlling the biological functionalization of surfaces by engineered peptides.
This has produced a challenge for the precision engineering industry that has been met by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) with the introduction of its Flexure based Electromagnetic Linear Actuator (FELA).
Automated tensile tests with nominal forces of 5 and 10kN are carried out in accordance with standards including ISO 527, with automated flexure tests to ISO 178, with specimens tested covering a wide range of dimensions.
Among the topics are the geometry of areas, determining constraint reactions, internal beam reactions, analysis of strain and stress, beams and plates in flexure, and methods of forces in statically indeterminate beam systems.