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Researchers may use flies to develop potential human sleep aids.
The scientists focused on a well-studied group of neurons in the flies known as the giant-fiber system, which is involved in the behavior of evading predators.
Insects such as promiscuous-landing synanthropic flies (i.
Every time he flies, he says he experiences the thrill he felt on that first flight.
Schneider still flies, doing flights about once a month for a company in Van Nuys that does aerial photography for commercials and movies.
A new study suggests that the tiny insects and people share even more biology than researchers had expected: The flies have cells that function much as those in the human pancreas do.
Kim thinks the two cell types in flies represent a primordial pancreas that scientists can study to better understand how the insulin- and glucagon-producing cells develop and function in humans.
He also flies as an Air Force reserve officer, supporting the base's flight safety office.
Flies sucked through ventilation shafts into industrial chicken coops may be the primary carriers of a major cause of food poisoning in people, a Danish study suggests.
Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center have created fruit flies with a condition that mimics human diabetes.
We encountered plenty of fish: rainbows, browns, brookies and native Bonneville cutthroat trout, and they readily took large flies tied on 10- pound test.
Leishmania, a tropical parasite carried by sand flies, spreads prolifically to mammals by forcing the flies to regurgitate as they bite their prey, a new study finds.