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Perhaps if you are writing a short book denouncing society's fondness for flimsier pleasures, you are entitled to exaggerate.
Indeed, the case for British nuclear deterrent looked flimsier after 9/11 as the utility of nuclear weapons (both as weapons systems and as political tools) diminished.
Common does not bad mouth those who play a flimsier brand of hip-hop, and he even granted a pass on the hyped-up "battle" between his friend West and 50 Cent over who would sell more records when both released new albums last month (West trounced 50).
Newer and flimsier growth may quickly collapse after being detached from the plant.
If this seems like an implausible argument in an administration that has expanded executive authority on far flimsier grounds, Falkenrath notes a distinction.
His career as critic spanned many disciplines yet, although he had a firm grasp of the fundamentals of music, his music criticism was certainly flimsier than Serov's.
The Sansa's array of buttons looks like a ClickWheel but is less elegant and feels flimsier.
The result is flimsier, less informative newspapers that are bad for public discourse and, ultimately, for democracy.
Two red unions were duly formed in Britain in 1929: the United Mineworkers of Scotland [UMS], which grew out of an authentic rank-and-file uprising against bureaucratic manoeuvrings by reformist officials in the Scottish Executive of the Miners Federation of Great Britain--but which the CPGB only launched after Moscow applied heavy pressure--and the rather flimsier United Clothing Workers Union [UCWU], formed during a strike in North London.
The case against State Trials was flimsier because it hadn't been circulated.
While it is true that the securities laws require some demonstration of scienter--intent to mislead--before liability will attach, in the real world companies are constantly challenged with lawsuits on facts far flimsier than those recited above.
45 caliber pistol looks fragile on a Web page, well, it looks even flimsier in a glass case.