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Some of the stages I visited were spotlessly clean, although flimsily constructed and evidence of carefully handling of fish was apparent from instant observation.
The RICO conspiracy count in Siegelman's indictment flimsily alleged that a number of discrete and factually unrelated transactions constituted a conspiracy because they were run out of an enterprise defined merely as the "Executive Department of the State of Alabama," much like the discrete crimes in Sutherland were purportedly connected through the judge's office.
The Government flimsily argues that by 2030 the deal will save bill payers money, but this is based on assumptions that energy bills will continue to rise as we move from fossil fuels to low carbon power sources.
Flimsily constructed as a billboard for the Hollywoodland housing development at its feet, the Hollywood sign has evolved over its 90-year history into an international symbol of opportunity.
PNN On Tuesday 13th November, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, in a flimsily written "Unpublished" decision, interpreted Minnesota law in such a way that the retirement funds of Minnesota State employees can be knowingly used by state pension plan bureaucrats to finance Israel's violations of international law and disregard for Palestinian human rights.
He called the factory dangerous, saying it had been flimsily built, lacked emergency exits and had developed cracks in the walls, which was also putting rescue workers at risk.
Pakistani Interior Minister Rahman Malik said he had ordered an inquiry into both fires, as officials said the factory in Karachi in particular had been flimsily built, lacked emergency exits and had developed cracks in the walls.
Ironically though, this federally funded railway would be pushed across the north from Mackenzie and Mann's flimsily constructed railhead at The Pas not to promote northern development, but to give western farmers the supposed advantage of the shorter Hudson Bay shipping route to market their crops in Europe.
Third, play is the creation of an independent poetic support, the fleeting and imponderable texture of air, water, or wind: "Beside the full moon of August / a mountain swayed flimsily like a reflection on the water.
Sure, there are attempts to give the heroine more depth, such as the flimsily explained love affair between her and artist Danny Delanay (Michael Vartan), but the doublelife concept is at odds with the rest of the plot, and actually serves as little more than a reason for Saldana to strip down to her panties again.
the day when florists raise their prices of a dozen red roses by 3000% and everyone crams into a restaurant and pays through the nose for food that's rebranded flimsily as some love-themed dish - so fish and chips becomes "Poisson d'amour avec beaux frites".
Some assertions are puzzling and flimsily supported, including his assessment of the recapitulation in the opening movement of the Concerto in G Major as "enigmatic" (p.