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The three remaining targets are another roundworm, a hydra from the group of harpoon flingers that includes corals, and a slime mold.
The line-up of products in the Spider-Active Kids Meal toys, all designed to stimulate kids' interest in activity and outdoor play, includes: the Spidey-Speed Stopwatch, Spidey Web Ball, Spidey's Super Squirter, Energy Blast Doc Ock, Web Glider Spidey, Throw & Stick Spidey, Spidey Vision Scope and a set of three Spidey Web Flingers.
The Supreme Master" is Masters Of Combat-speak for a Big Bald Chinese Stereotype, while "the dark forces of his Shenobi assistants" look like the Phantom Flan Flingers from Tiswas.
Among the flingers, only Lee looked lively, and he did not swing the ball as much as expected.
The Whyte & Mackay Premier League brings together eight of the world's best tungsten flingers for a night of drama and, most importantly of all, fun and Waddell will be dipping into a range of jokes that he admits "would get a seven-year old chucked out of the playground" and knowledge of the game to describe it all for the viewers on Sky Sports.