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Raffaella said she forgave him for his flings, but a row over Chloe ended their relationship.
The survey also showed: 35 per cent of Britons said their holiday romance did at least last until they arrived home; Of those who have had a holiday fling, 36 per cent romanced a local person, 22 per cent got involved with a tourist of another nationality and 38 per cent had a fling with a Brit.
Flings pop up from their compact packaged state thanks to an internal aluminum strut and are made from a heavy-duty plastic that's 50 percent stronger than a typical trash bag.
The survey also revealed: n 27% of those interviewed said the attractiveness of the locals influenced their choice ofholiday destination; n Italians not only had the best accents but their country was considered the most romantic Women's top holiday fling was with a sports instructor, while men prefer local waitresses or air stewardesses Tourists from Northern Ireland and the east of England were most likely to have a holiday romance
At Christmas he was spotted with both beauties on his ranch after dumping Meg Ryan, then he had a fling with Courtney Love after the Golden Globes in January.
On the eve of the Millennium, attitudes to managing a fling with the managing director have changed dramatically.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Leading lesbian travel and entertainment company Olivia is enhancing its service offerings with the summer debut of extended-weekend "Olivia Flings.
How can I turn a fling into the long-term relationship I so want?
The office flings figure is only matched by people in Manchester who also don't mind owning up to an office romance.
The fan who flings a football the farthest in each market will win free Papa John's pizza and new, bold spicier flavor Papa's Wings for a year.
In the survey, the classic battle lines in the war of the sexes are drawn yet again; on a gender basis, men are more likely to select flings over romantic relationships as the reason to try online dating sites.