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With equal flintiness, she describes what anti-abortionists see when they look at pictures of aborted fetuses: "The pictures showed small fingers, stretched and separate as if just learning to flex.
Exotic fruits, pears and mango, with a touch of flintiness.
I've seen references to flintiness, slate and a few similar rockdescriptives, often when talking about BurgundChardonnay.
Fetzer said the Sauvignon Blanc "really portrays the flintiness and minerality that we're looking for" and has been a flagship wine for the winery.
This version is cracking value with refreshing acidity, lime and soft red apple flavours and a touch of mineral flintiness.
For all its apparent flintiness, the writing can go decidedly soft where Jamie is concerned, with "Danny Boy" surfacing not once but twice as a sentimental footnote.
In the London of the post-Thatcher years, however, it appears to have been considered a badge of honor, as well as an obstacle to overcome (and which, once overcome, would seem to vindicate the flintiness of "the oppressor" along with the "grit" of the oppressed).
But it's Winslet, surely the finest movie actress of her generation, who's the stand-out in a part requiring her to flit from Teutonic flintiness to fervent self-hatred to paralysing inner-conflict.