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I was disappointed to see how flippantly you and some of your readers dismissed him.
I just wanted to say to people who use the 'if you don't like it, go home' line, not all people who moan about aspects of life here are doing it flippantly.
It is a word considered derogatory to black people in South Africa, but is likely to have been more flippantly used 30 years ago.
But to many - those who flippantly use phoney permits - it seems a victimless crime born out of necessity.
Sometimes it means that an otherwise polite and honest respondent, busy and harried with other life issues, flippantly answers questions in quick attempt to help the person conducting the survey.
I treat the question flippantly because there really isn't any good answer.
In many parts of the world, neither democracy nor fresh running water can be so flippantly treated.
Komati told ASHARQ AL AWSAT, "Hizbullah will not allow this issue to be treated flippantly or allow any political deals to take place at our (Hizbullah's) expense.
The model and entrepreneur has now denied ever taking the medicine, saying: "I flippantly answered [the question], implying that I had tried it.
Speaking at the public podium is a privilege that should not be abused or treated flippantly.
I am sure that Langer is an excellent teacher who will study the Palestinian situation in greater detail before commenting on it again so flippantly.
But Mr O'Leary laughed of the BBC's "investigation" and said: "Infamy, infamy - Panorama has it in for me", flippantly quoting Kenneth Williams who used the line in the famous Carry On Cleo film.