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I never squirted the flit gun in Spain, lest locals thought it rude.
The missing cash was never recovered and the loss was carried by Barclays Bank, which repaid Ms Flit.
FOUR prisoners taken on a camping trip to help prepare them for life on the outside did a moonlight flit.
The desktop allows easy access for IT staff with quick release cover latches, an expansion card cage with lift levers, a flit drive cage and a slide-out system board.
She can flit in and out of character with the doff of a tiara.
Many gurus flit about the land today predicting a monetary armageddon while urging the necessity for squirreling away gold and oatmeal in order to survive.
Featured as 1995 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are Pocahontas; Captain John Smith and Meeko; Percy, Flit and Meeko; and Pocahontas and Captain John Smith.
TROUBLED singer Amy Winehouse is on the move again - doing a DIY moonlit flit.
As a gay man living in Texas, I can't help wondering one thing: Will the straight community accept this gene finding flit works out?
Of course, not everybody is dismayed: Infection-carrying mosquitoes no doubt are flit and happy.
This fascination remains, and now there are hoards of professional and amateur lepidopterists who track some 18,000 species of butterflies that flit around the planet.