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Brighton grew in confidence as the Hammers flittered away chances and they stunned the crowd by snatching a 68 minute lead following a moment of madness by Tomas Repka.
Crammed into the Cellar with dozens of other inquisitives, I clapped rather nervously as a hefty middle-aged man in a frilly white tutu, tiara and pink tights flittered into the room.
On the heels of a loss in which they flittered away an 11-point lead, the Timberwolves flew back to Minnesota for Game 5 on Tuesday without sounding too frustrated.
She flittered and fluttered in her ice-blue, snowflake-patterned tutu and kokoshnik headdress, showing beautiful lines, accurate technique, and a natural sense of wonderment.
From the start, azure butterflies flittered around the group as it walked along, attracted, Mr.