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Her sections cover her apprenticeship as a journalist and writer and as a young wife, her flittering career as an editor, and how she later turned to the solitary life of the writer.
And the warm, clear, pink evening skies, crisscrossed by the con-trails of passenger jets were made cooler by a walk along the wave-lapped Oystermouth seafront shaded by its swaying palm trees, flittering bats silhouetted against the panoramic view.
Briefly, Spurs, even with Bale subdued, flittering in and out of the game, appeared more purposeful, only to suffer another hammer-blow before the interval.
FIRST RITUAL The breaking of dawn, its redness smearing the re-birth of life, Colouring natures contrivances and brandishing its Overwhelming beauty, The orb glowing, welcoming, rising as if forever, yet Never hasty, haughty in its power and intensity, The lark-singing sky, birds flittering, conversing idly, The curtain raised, dusk a latent memory, being outshone And outdone, light eclipsing darkness, Morning greeting horizon, as its dark corners cower Away in fear, Sky clouds slide, shift and race to meet the welcomed Breath and break of day.
Although it was the end of November, there were yellow butterflies fluttering and dragonflies flittering between the great oaks.
This time, through the flittering and whirling of wings, he thought he heard an answer.
It was an important win for us because Cardiff are just flittering outside the top six.