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And remember, it is pronounced 'REECE-ling', that should make sure your wine flogger doesn't put you in the naughty book.
He also alleged a civilian who oversaw the flogging told him that the flogger, a prison employee, initially refused to whip the prisoner because of his health but was forced by the prison authority to do so.
So do flogger, topping plane, auger and knocker-upper.
These are objects of seduction--phalluses, if you will--and the names of the planes participate in that seduction: Black Hawk, Lynx, Hornet, Havoc, Tornado, Flogger, and so on.
Among the characters I remember, like Strang the Terrible, was one called Flogger Todd, the Bowler's Bogeyman.
In the summer no time at all, unless we are overnight, then Flogger, my valet, will try and muster up a game.
Taliban claimed 250 to 300 aircraft, though only half were operational combat types-believed to be MiG-21BIS Fishbed, 21UM Mongol and 23BN/UB Flogger as well as Su-20, 22U/M-4/UM Fitter and 25K/UBK Frogfoot aircraft; and Mi-25 Hind gunship and Mi-8 and Mi-17 Hip transport helos.
As a citation of noir lighting and camera tricks, Welles's Flogger episode borrows from a scene in Touch of Evil in which Suzy Vargas (Janet Leigh) is terrorized by a voyeuristic intruder who shines a flashlight through her hotel window as she undresses.
Tom highlights the sex scenes in Christian's Red Room Of Pain where he straps Ana to all kinds of kinky devices from flogging benches to a cross and spanks her with a riding crop, flogger and even a ruler.
Each box is designed with a different romantic scenario in mind, from the signature 495 pounds Box of Grey, that comes in a bespoke flight case designed by Swan Flight, to the 125 pounds Playroom box, which includes a jewelled flogger and bondage cuffs.
He is universally despised within his own parliamentary party due to his politicallyexpedient conversion from Tory hanger and flogger (he used to champion repatriation for immigrants) to social liberal seen so close to Labour types that he has often been thought of as a possible defector.
Became Foreign Secretary DAVID WADDINGTON Oct 89-Nov 90 Hanger and flogger, sacked after Strangeways riot KENNETH BAKER Nov 90-April 92 Quit rather than be axed over prison riots KEN CLARKE April 92-May 93 Replaced Norman Lamont as Whitelaw