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Permeability ratios were determined among ventral surface of tongue and floor of mouth to establish a correlation because after taking a tablet through sublingual route it will be simultaneously exposed to both types of mucosa; total drug absorption through sublingual mucosa was calculated as sum of drug permeated through mucosa of ventral surface of tongue and mucosa of floor of mouth.
Areas of fibrosis were scored 2 for each area--soft palate including uvula, right or left anterior faucial pillar including tonsil, right or left buccal mucosa including gingivobuccal sulcus, right or left retromolar trigone, tongue or floor of mouth.
tongue, 20% of oral cancers; lip, 12%; oropharynx or tonsils, 13%; floor of mouth, 11%; and other sites within the oral cavity, 26% [7]) during an oral examination.
5,7 In Asians most prevalent site is buccal mucosa while in western population floor of mouth is the most prevalent site.
Small symptomless tumors are reported to be most frequent in the floor of mouth, ventero-lateral tongue and soft palate complex.
When extra-cardiac rhabdomyomas occur within the oral cavity, they arise most commonly in the floor of mouth, followed by the tongue, and then the soft palate, submandibular area, tonsil, buccal mucosa, and lip.
A 57-year old male, non-smoker with no significant medical history was referred by the community dentist to the maxillofacial department with an asymptomatic left floor of mouth swelling, which was noticed by the practice hygienist.
Oral cancers include cancers of lips, tongue, gums, floor of mouth, cheek mucosa, palate and other parts of mouth as per international classification of diseases.
The frenulum of tongue (or lingual frenulum) is a small fold of mucous membrane extending from the floor of mouth to the midline of underside of the tongue.
In severe forms, fibrosis of floor of mouth and tongue leads to impairment of speech and swallowing.
5cm noted in submandibular region extending into the floor of mouth posteriorly up to base of tongue.