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ARE the industries of this country in a flourishing condition?
Macaire, Cardillac, Ryons, and all the cluster of flourishing towns which look upon Bordeaux as their mother, there thronged an unceasing stream of horsemen and of footmen, all converging upon the great city.
I know few things more surprising than to see this plant growing and flourishing amidst those great breakers of the western ocean, which no mass of rock, let it be ever so hard, can long resist.
When the long comrade had made these preparations, he looked towards Mr Tappertit; and Mr Tappertit, flourishing the bone, knocked nine times therewith upon one of the skulls.
At exactly the same canter, and with a certain flourishing appearance of doing something, Ma did, in fact, occasionally take a rock upon the instrument.
But Mr Podsnap felt that the time had come for flushing and flourishing this meek man down for good.
Theological contributions to human flourishing share many common elements with pagan thought.
Keyes has developed a continuum in which languishing is just one step above mental illness followed by moderately mentally healthy and flourishing.
Human flourishing needs society but also needs freedom and individual action.
I RECENTLY took a short cut through Chapel Street and was amazed to see the tree I remember playing on as a boy 60 years ago in war-torn Coventry still alive and flourishing.
Liberalism's problem is finding the foundation and structure to deal with this tension between each individual's liberty to pursue his own version of flourishing and the universality of liberalism's tenets.
Though awaiting approval from local and state officials, university officials want to add dozens of classes to the flourishing Central American minor program that debuted in 2000.