flourishing condition

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Mr Dennis's allusions to the flourishing condition of his trade in those days, have their foundation in Truth, and not in the Author's fancy.
Eliot had begun to civilize was scattered, and probably never was restored to a flourishing condition.
That other class of wiseacres who twist prophecy in such a manner as to make it promise the destruction and desolation of the same city, use judgment just as bad, since the city is in a very flourishing condition now, unhappily for them.
I have understood that the society was by no means in its former flourishing condition.
There were also a few species of antique and hereditary flowers, in no very flourishing condition, but scrupulously weeded; as if some person, either out of love or curiosity, had been anxious to bring them to such perfection as they were capable of attaining.
Nothing was represented in a flourishing condition, save tools and weapons; but, the cutler's knives and axes were sharp and bright, the smith's hammers were heavy, and the gunmaker's stock was murderous.
Having now done with the island, I left them all in good circumstances and in a flourishing condition, and went on board my ship again on the 6th of May, having been about twenty-five days among them: and as they were all resolved to stay upon the island till I came to remove them, I promised to send them further relief from the Brazils, if I could possibly find an opportunity.
For example, Minnedosa's 1914 Special Work statement is: "The Rest Room is in a flourishing condition.
This flourishing condition seemed on the way to make the JOURNAL one of the best state academy publications when the financial depression of the thirties arrived.
Interestingly the view is advanced that drama 'was probably in a less flourishing condition in the early 21st century than it had been in the 1940s and 1950s'.