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If rules are flouted then those who break them should be dealt with which is why other pupils now feel the ban is unfair.
Representatives of the Legacy PAC and Westover Hills Church denied, in press accounts of AU's complaint, that the event was sponsored by the church or that federal tax law was flouted.
Bush tarred the Security Council with the brush of irrelevance for not enforcing previous resolutions Iraq had flouted.
It is not only that human rights are widely flouted, or that hypocrisy about the implementation of human rights is widespread, but that the international community has placed far more emphasis on civil and political rights than on social, economic and cultural rights.
Homeowners association leaders said the move flouted the desires of the community, and they vowed to seek support from community leaders throughout the Valley to urge the City Council to overturn Hahn's decision.
TWO doctors flouted official medical guidelines when they sold slimming pills from their travelling clinic, the General Medical Council heard yesterday.
While the mainstream press has flouted the high salaries of big earners, CEO turnover is also on the rise--suggesting that CEOs are under perennial scrutiny and the top job is riskier than ever.
Cystic fibrosis, a lethal, inherited respiratory disease, has flouted attempts at treatment-even gene therapy.
Having flouted her plastic roots by cramming her apartment with Central American textiles and effigies of the Virgin, Jewish Barbie had become a bit of a mess.
Once again, Elektrim and DT have deliberately flouted these prohibitions by entering into an agreement enabling DT to exercise a call option in respect of the PTC shares and by having it approved by an arbitration tribunal in Vienna.
DOG lovers in a seaside village have deliberately flouted a controversial beach ban on their pets - to mark the first anniversary of its introduction.
But if Wigan, Sheffield United or Charlton had flouted the rules as blatantly as West Ham, everyone knows they would have had points deducted.