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Whatever autobiographical elements they imbedded in their portraits of Jewish flouters of principles and proprieties, both Odets and Lawson were after something beyond tapping into the electricity generated in the theater by defiant Jews.
But only of the feckless, the irresponsible and all flouters of motoring law.
They are joined by the most popular flouters of the toll - motorists from the UK, Poland, France and Lithuania.
The top hot spot for on-street parking flouters was the Grosvenor Ward near the town centre, where 1,157 tickets were handed out, followed by Offa where 580 were slapped on vehicles, and Brynyffynnon where 404 drivers were caught out.
Just as Dante's allocation of sinners to their various circles and bolge strips away their social identity, revealing the deeper moral essence that unites each category of sinner, here Boccaccio reveals that beneath their very different costumi, Angiulieri and Fortarrigo are moral twins: father haters and flouters of God's fourth commandment.
Saudi police say they have arrested more than 25,000 illegal residents in Madinah over the past six months as part of a national campaign to nab immigration law flouters.
Iran is also receiving support for its position from such regular flouters of international law as Belarus, Cuba and North Korea.