flow of language

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He is exceedingly eloquent,' said Brass, like a man abstracted, and looking at the roofs of the opposite houses, with his hands in his pockets; 'he has an extraordinary flow of language.
Then he walked more slowly, suddenly lost his fine flow of language, and now and then a dreadful pause occurred.
Vanstone sat down composedly under his daughter's flow of language, like a man who was well used to verbal inundation from that quarter.
Micawber, giving his mind to a profession so adapted to his fertile resources, and his flow of language, must distinguish himself.
He had a fine flow of language, and his adjectives were very vigorous.
I made changes where necessary to enhance the flow of language and eliminate sense distortions.
71-74), where 'A'isha embeds linguistic ornaments without sacrificing the smooth flow of language.
This means a more natural flow of language, thought and communication that doesn't stop its participants dead with canned or contrived 'buzzwords'.
The Quiet Book' was perfectly done, in shades of brown and neutral tones, and it has this beautiful flow of language," says Karen Sesody, a seller at Hicklebee's bookstore in San Jose, Calif.
Attempting to build a dam across the flow of language is like using a colander to halt the surge of the Atlantic ocean.
The driver courteously questioned this whereupon a flow of language came forth in anything but dulcet tones.
In the quasi-Beckettian text that accompanies Doppelt's photographs--the flow of language is ratcheted up to the point of delirium--Suzanne's mother speaks in a schizoid register of the food she rams down her daughter's throat.