flow of words

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Mosey still found relief in her customary flow of words.
Once more Miss Garth attempted to stem the man's flow of words.
Order the guns," Rivera said, and thereupon was guilty of the longest flow of words they had ever heard him utter.
First published in 1957, ``On the Road,'' by Jack Kerouac, is a first-person unrestrained flow of words and images patterned after the spontaneity found in jazz music.
On his part, the Mexican may think the Finn is constipated and, because of his impatience with the slow flow of words, he is likely to complete the Finn's sentences for him.
He says that when he set out three years ago to increase recognition for the weekly, he feared its copy would be lost in the flow of words at a larger service.
Children are intrigued by sentence tempo and flow of words.
The author informs us that the desire to disassociate oneself from defeat and to associate oneself with victory always exerts a powerful force on the flow of words and phrases from one language to another.
Blarney is a fine flow of words with just a dash of good-humoured exaggeration.
This book's effusive flow of words, screen-based imagery and breathless enthusiasm for the new bring to mind the extraordinary translations of von Erlach and Guarini, or more recent achievements of Mendelsohn, Le Corbusier and Eero Saarinen
A WHOOPING, wailing siren suddenly pierces the air and interrupts Warren Bradley's enthusiastic flow of words where he's been soundly trumpeting that as Liverpool's latest culture and leisure political Tribune he's determined to get back to basics and reach the people.
During those months before I left the monastery, two events happened that had stopped my usual flow of words.