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The smell of Royal English Daisy is fitting for the springtime, with a pleasant floweriness, but it's still a little on the old-fashioned side for anyone other than grandma.
The sweet and saline nuances of the crustaceans were brought out by the aromatic floweriness of the sauvignon and the mineral backbone and dry finish of this youthful, vibrant wine.
It helps to "purify" his conducting gestures, which with choirmasters often tend to a kind of strange confused floweriness.
As to manners and the accusations against Southerners of insincerity, floweriness, gush, and indirection, the answer is that such reproaches are the defensive arguments of selfishness, of meager natures, of self-conscious egotism, of middle-class Puritanism, or of laziness: it is easier not to consider the other man's feelings.
As narrated in literary floweriness by a grown-up Bo (Amy Brenneman), Charley was in a deep, usually wordless depression at the time.
95 at Superdrug) is far less sickly than her ballads, thanks to the hints of lemon peel and red berry cutting through the floweriness.