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No discussion of blue flowering summer plants would be complete without lavender.
If it should stop flowering, cut it back by half and wait for rebloom.
Raymond Evison, from Guernsey, England, world-class collector and breeder of Clematis, will celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Royal Horticultural Society with never before seen varieties of this elegant flowering vine.
Flowering peaches are also already showing eye-popping floral displays.
The pattern of heating power in the botanical family tree intrigues evolutionists searching for traits of ancient flowering plants.
The Flowering Long Trug(TM) (# 2694) is a combination of a vase and a votive candle holder, perfect for a dinner table, a coffee table, a sideboard or a mantle.
Bird of paradise dreads being divided and will stop flowering for years as a result of bifurcation.