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He said that Kalim Shaheed Park was being given attractive shape by planting ornamental trees and flowery plants.
The Stanley Road outlet is called Blossom by Flowery Hazel and had been previously run by the Horne family for 50 years.
The new Dickey's Barbecue Pit in Flowery Branch is located at 4005 Winder Highway, Suite 160 and the phone number is 678.
I don't know if it's nostalgia that makes me enjoy this style so much, especially as it is so far removed from what I head towards, but I am drawn to cute cups and saucers, rose-patterned tablecloths and flowery plates.
Employing approximately 100 people, the Flowery Branch facility produces piston rings for the OEM North American heavy duty market, and supports various Cummins locations worldwide, including Daventry, UK, and Kirloskar, India.
DAVY Ervine's flowery language in the Stormont lilywhite debate had Sinn Fein going for the weed killer.
The flowery printed skirt and chartreuse top give the blob a festive appearance, but the enormous effort of trying to contain its formlessness is evident as it appears at times ready to burst its seams (and those of the clothing).
And with its stunning range of topics (early Greek fascination with flowery perfumes, the intriguing number patterns found in nature known as Fibonacci numbers, the relationship between colors and emotion) it offers many interdisciplinary tie-ins between science and other classes such as world studies, math and health.
A rich fruity, strong in alcohol (5 per cent) taste with a flowery, dryish hoppiness.
Lindt's Master Chocolatiers have created the Swiss Chocolate Selection which is beautifully presented in a flowery gift wrap - certain to appeal to mothers everywhere.
ALTERNATING between flowery feminist fantasy and the heavy-handed guilt that afflicts well-heeled liberals, the mere pretentiousness of Sally Potter's ``Yes'' would be annoying enough.
He says: "I actually prefer really sober suits, but they want a bit of colour on Mock the Week, so they give me these colourful flowery shirts to wear.