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Her gauzy flowing robes might not be very warm, yet the weather wasn't at all chilly, but rather mild and balmy, like a spring day.
It is a flowing mixture of gas and liquid where the liquid makes up a relatively small part of the mixture by volume.
This is most likely to occur when the part is made from a high-viscosity, poorly flowing material such as PC, PMMA, or ABS.
X-ray examinations of molten metal flowing through simple gating systems into plate castings allow the effects of the various gating designs and filtration devices to be studied.
Cash flow is the amount and consistency of funds flowing through a business during a given period.
Both material flows are then divided by half, with 50% flowing into the cavities of the planetary gearing and the remaining 50% being pressed into the internal gearing.
That communication could affect the immune response or make some parts of the body more susceptible to cancer, he suggests, because the vessel wall may become more receptive to latching on to white cells or cancer cells flowing past.
The maximum flow rate using the test separator was 59 Million cubic feet of gas per day through a 60/64" choke with a flowing well head pressure of 2946 psi.
The explanation of the waves is simple if you look at a CFD profile of the velocity of the polymer flowing out of the die (see top example, p.
Because particles are not simply tracers flowing with the air, the modeling of forces and properties of discrete particles provides the ability to calculate subgrid characteristics such as air-to-particle drag, wall impaction and erosion, distinct material interfaces and local density, unfilled or poorly filled regions, distribution of particle sizes in regions and lost foam bead expansion at hot walls.
All these products have Mooney viscosities, ML 1+4 at 125'C, in the range of 6-14 and are pelletized free flowing products that exhibit exceptional storage stability.