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This is coming from a guy who has flown planes for 20 years,'' said Cooley.
A number of CEOs visit the Orvis-endorsed ranch every year; some fly their own planes, while others arrive on corporate aircraft flown by pilots.
Stanford researchers now have designed, built and successfully flown a sophisticated 20-foot remote-controlled model of the oblique wing.
In 1990, Pestana entered a painting of a T-38, a trainer aircraft he had flown for a couple of years, into the Air Force Artist-Craftsman contest.
Since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom we have flown 6,000 sorties with that airplane, 23,000 hours.
I have flown multiengine aircraft for 2,000 hours and I can tell you that piloting a helicopter is completely different and uniquely rewarding.
One of the first helicopter rescues by marine aircrews occurred on 10 August 1950, when an HO3S-1 of VMO-6 flown by First Lieutenant Gustave F.