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If we say, as of tomorrow we are going to have a fluctuating rate of exchange, the next day 90 percent of the people sitting here will go to a bank and convert their denars into euros.
The motor carrier industry has been buffeted by fluctuating fuel prices throughout the past year.
He also experienced episodic vertigo and fluctuating right-sided hearing loss with tinnitus.
Swaddled in a pleasantly rustic site to the north-east of Amsterdam, the Mobius House is an experiment in modern, fluctuating domesticity orchestrated by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos.
A party setting also introduced Fluctuating Hemlines.
While Gideon theorizes that winter storms may have displaced the birds from their regular haunts, other experts say the fluctuating population may have settled in along the Monterey Bay shoreline because of some local phenomenon.
When such loans are fluctuating demand loans, the AFR that must be charged also fluctuates (Sec.
This volatility has been caused predominantly by fluctuating expenses.
Governor Dimitar Bogov fiercely opposed the proposals of the business community for replacing the fixed denar exchange rate with a fluctuating one.
With the bond market fluctuating and the national unemployment rate at 6.
Hardie, an earth scientist at Johns Hopkins and a coauthor of the report, had conjectured that fluctuating ocean chemistries are responsible for oscillating calcite and aragonite reef production by simple marine organisms.