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He chattered on, with something of the smooth gossiping fluency of former times.
There are times when it is almost impossible to detect, by his accent that he is not a countryman of our own, and as for fluency, there are very few born Englishmen who can talk with as few stoppages and repetitions as the Count.
In return to these compliments the other bade him hold his tongue, and keep his noise to himself, and laid upon him many similar injunctions, with great fluency of speech and sternness of manner.
Yes," said Maggie, smiling, but not looking up; "so much fluency and self-possession should not be wasted entirely on private occasions.
Expanding upon the award-winning Door 24 app and available for free on the App Store, Door 24 Plus establishes a foundation based on fact fluency and then builds computational fluency by providing practice that requires students to solve problems using basic facts, number sense, and algebraic thinking.
In the Snargg Splatt fact fluency game, students work fast to combat the evil Snargg-nado by completing math facts and throwing balls at the game board before the time runs out.
M*Modal Fluency Direct and M*Modal Fluency Flex mobile solutions are now available on the athenahealth MDP Marketplace, and together the companies will work to link athenahealth s growing network of more than 52,000 care providers with these solutions.
The first part, Going for Fluency, provides an insight into the four modalities of language learning (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and a broad range of ideas for increasing fluency through today's technology: apps, blogs, ebooks, film, websites, music, media and more.
Implications of the utility of incorporating modeling and practice in reading instruction, examining differential effects of interventions on student performance, and improving reliability of retell fluency and prosody measures are discussed.
The first step toward fluency in any language is the ability to recognize when that particular language is being spoken.
GIVEN the fact that the ability to speak Welsh is falling, there seems a need to look at ways to ensure fluency amongst the young.
This study evaluated the effectiveness of high school tutors' implementation of Great Leaps Reading (Campbell, 1998), a reading fluency supplementary instructional program.