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An eardrum with fluid behind it does not move as well as an eardrum with air behind it.
Thus, the elderly - particularly women - start with a fluid deficit.
All body fluids (except sweat) should be considered potentials for infection
To make water usable as a cutting or grinding fluid, metalworking fluid manufacturers formulate numerous fluid concentrates designed to be diluted with water to form a "working solution.
During off-site processing, the PCB fluid is drained from the transformer and replaced with an interim fluid that leaches PCBS from the unit's core and coil.
The aircraft reservoir is filled by pumping the fluid through the quick disconnect fitting on the ground support return port for the hydraulic system to be serviced.
The increased heart rate can also result from dehydration and/or the incomplete absorption of fluid replacement into the plasma during recovery.
More than a decade ago, researchers were surprised to learn that using the Boltzmann equation to calculate simple fluid flows didn't make the simulations more difficult or time consuming to carry out.
During events, when a high rate of fluid intake is necessary to sustain hydration, the CHO (carboydrate) composition should be kept low (e.
Other than contaminated fluids, no chemicals or substances known to cause HP were used at the facility.
One type of fluid bed reclamation unit combines the preheater, calciner and primary cooler as a simple, single vessel.