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Its primary offerings include gas and chemical delivery subsystems, collectively known as fluid delivery subsystems, which are key elements of the process tools used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices.
Collaboration between Genesis and PolyOne expands the portfolio of Versaflex grades that can be welded using eco-Genesis technology to provide the market with a superior solution for fluid delivery applications, including better flexibility, mechanical properties, clarity, aesthetics and value.
Miniaturization of components in a broad range of polymers gives the medical designer greater flexibility in designing devices such as fluid delivery systems, diagnostic equipment, and endoscopic devices for minimally invasive cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.
Axelrod's performance is more dance than acting and its fluid delivery meshes with dawson's lush use of multiple exposures, gauzy imagery, silhouettes and chiaroscuro.
Under the agreement Baxter has access to Zi Medical's patented technologies to allow for the development of further new products for fluid delivery.
who's gotten him to keep his lower body closed, resulting in a more fluid delivery.
With pulseless fluid delivery for a smooth and continuous flow, they offer excellent lift capabilities, chemical resistance and accurate metering for a range of precision applications.
Baxter has also now got access to Zi Medical's whole range of patented technologies, which will allow for the development of new products for fluid delivery.
A built-in Hall sensor monitors the motor's position to ensure accurate fluid delivery.
James Oxley's rich, fluid delivery was admirable, as was William Clements' lyrical base, albeit a little impassive.
31 July 2017 - California, US-based semiconductor capital equipment fluid delivery subsystems maker Ichor Holdings (NASDAQ: ICHR) has closed the acquisition of US-based industrial systems designer and fabricator Cal-Weld, Inc in a stock purchase transaction valued at USD 50m, the company said.