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Quick disconnect couplings with valves are specified in applications that require frequent fluid line disconnections; have limited space in their design; have subassemblies to be connected; or when hazardous or costly media, if spilled, poses a potential regulatory concern.
Once the coupling is connected, the halves may be rotated relative to each other to relieve any twisting stress in the fluid line, allowing for easy alignment of the coupling halves.
If Akakce's fluid line and fertile imagination bring to mind Inka Essenhigh's rubbery creatures, his output disturbs on a more cerebral level, while also betraying a kind of hothouse pleasure in both the decorative and the erotic.
This can lead to problems balancing fluid line length to multiple needles; also, needles have manufacturing variations that can lead to variation in dispensed dot size.
I covered the eye with Bare Canvas paint to ensure the eye make up stayed put, then applied Blacktrack Fluid line to create a full top liner.
The In-Line pH Sensor installs directly in a fluid line to monitor pH and incorporates a transmitter which converts its mV signal to 4-20 mA for transmission to a controller.
RAD training continues with the major syllabus, which stresses correct alignment of the pelvic and spinal areas, increased use of the inner thigh, clarity of footwork, and fluid line, particularly in the port de bras and arabesque.
Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - A new foundation with a velvet finish that makes skin look and feel like satin; Chromeglass for lustrously brilliant lip shine; Sundressing an amazing new bronzing body makeup mouse; Zoomlash Mascara and Fluid Line for dramatic lashed and all-night liner, and the perfect finishing touch, Blot Films for the handbag.
Ask nicely and they'll show you how to apply the new dark green Fluid Line, pounds 10.
The decrease in revenue is attributable to management's focus away from an exclusive diecast merchandising business and towards developing its new line of businesses, including its brake fluid line and its car care product line.
Rami Al Khatib's entry entitled 'Loop Concept Table,' showcases a fluid line to form an interesting structure supporting the fulcrum points of a table.
Current exhibitors include Pall Life Sciences, Burket, Everst VIT, Contec, Helix Medical, Powder Systems, Saint-Gobain, Millipore, Westec, Fluid Line, Alleghany Bradford, Nilfisk Advance, RCM Tech, Incite and Active Power.