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Thus, for case 7, a reduced arterial volume flow rate induced by a lack of pressure-injured vasodilation and, for case 4, reduced arterial flow resulting from arterial disease may explain why these subjects' limb fluid volume changes during walks were lower than those of healthy subjects.
There was not a consistent relationship between the percent reduction in socket volume from injecting liquid into the bladders and the resulting percent of residual-limb fluid volume change.
People with transtibial amputation walked for 3-minute periods with different sock ply while their residual-limb fluid volume was measured using bioimpedance analysis.
The use of CVP has received considerable scrutiny and has been shown to be almost meaningless in the assessment of circulating fluid volume.
Jog Buttons -- these simple, fluid volume and music controls replace traditional volume rockers and fast forward/rewind buttons.
It will also be used for draining excess fluid volume in case of flooding and inundation.
It comes down to drilling fluid volume and the complexity of the drilling fluid additives used," said Anderson.
Lumbosacral cerebrospinal fluid volume inversely correlates with peak sensory block level (3).
These findings support previous recommendations for frequent antepartum monitoring of all women with hypertensive pregnancies, including twice-weekly fetal heart rate testing accompanied by weekly amniotic fluid volume estimation beginning at the time of diagnosis.
Interventions that limit episodes include maintaining fluid volume in hot weather and respecting alcohol as "an extraordinarily powerful promotor of a fall in systemic vascular resistance.
Subjects treated with GATTEX for 24 weeks achieved significantly greater reductions in weekly PN and IV fluid volume and infusion days versus placebo.