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Dialysis nurses must also note the average fluid volume administered each treatment or the number of saline boluses administered for BP support (Corea, Christensen, & Vogel, 2005).
For example, the clinical assessment of the extracellular fluid volume in patients with hyponatremia has a low diagnostic sensitivity and specificity (1).
The fluid volumes infused above those calculated were 1.
Lewi found that significant predictors of TTTS, selective IUGR, or intrauterine death in the first trimester were crown-rump length and discordant amniotic fluid volume.
From our observations, the fluid volume ingested was similar to the recommended pre-competition volume of 0.
As fluid volume increases, pressure increases within the intracranial vault.
3 mg/kg body weight per day) was due to the difference in fluid volume consumption by the animals in the two studies (Markaverich et al.
Individual topics include functional genomics, electrolytes and acid-base physiology, circulation and fluid volume control, neuroendocrine networks, energy balance and neural circuits in behavior, physiological determinants of consciousness, physical activity, biochemical adaptation to extreme environments, repair and defense systems in the epithelial surface in the lung, the zebrafish as an integrative physiology model, and curriculum design for integrative physiology.
1,2) Because adverse outcomes occur in high-risk pregnancies complicated by low amniotic fluid volume, oligohydramnios commonly prompts labor induction?
The increased fluid volume, in turn, causes blood pressure to rise.
The Digmesa Flowmeter EPI is used for measuring the fluid volume of high-viscosity media such as syrup, oil, and detergent concentrate.