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We are excited to work with Henri Fraise to develop minigrid projects that will increase renewable-based electrification and economic development in rural areas of Madagascar, said Richard Hallas, Regional Vice President of Fluidic, Inc.
The Fluidic Factory overcomes this problem by dispensing beads with a 'squashed' cross-sectional area.
The Fluidic Factory features intelligent software and innovative hardware which ensures reliable sealing of fluidic paths.
Applications in analytical chemistry and clinical diagnostics markets require a wide range fluidic control solutions that can be satisfied by the Precision Fluidics offering.
The new Fluidic web client lets users quickly navigate across various tools in OpUtils.
Hyundai Motors Company (KSE: 005380), a South Korea-based automaker, is launching its new 4S Fluidic Verna in India.
First fluidic characterization of this device showed very promising pumping results with typical water-flow rates of 12 ml/min without any counter-pressure, and up to six ml/min under 1 bar counter-pressure.
A novel fluidic actuation system, embedded muscle-like actuators, and an onboard control system give the fish autonomy and the ability to perform continuous forward swimming motion and rapid accelerations.
The 'HND-9' represents an evolution of Hyundai's fluidic sculpture design philosophy.
The sensor makes fluidic systems more reliable by enabling the detection of liquid flow within the range of a few ml/min and less.
20 -- Dolomite has introduced the Hotplate Adaptor - Chip Holder H which allows control over internal temperatures of micro fluidic chips without any disruptions to the fluid flow.
IDEX Health & Science (IH&S) will offer Pittcon attendees the opportunity to order the 2011/2012 Catalog for Fluidic Products & Information for Laboratory Applications.