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I'm down with the daredevil shit, I like watching it, but I like style and fluidness better.
You can find it very irksome, or you can think on your y y g feet, and realise that this fluidness can actually create y y y possibilities.
Again, the fluidness of watercolour made it the perfect medium with which to further compliment the magic of the story.
In this aspect, we agree with Irrizari in that the adding of terms or minor idiomatic expressions in Spanish does not interfere with the fluidness of the discourse in English.
Back to the crossing of borders again; the fluidness of law and culture is exacerbated by the crossing of very real borders.
I like to experiment with letters because they are curvaceous, which gives my work a certain flow and a degree of fluidness, while the colors I use, are meant to make the letters more prominent and to bring more character and life to the letters embodied in my work," says Bilbeisi.