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Decker -- Planning & Allocation John Balkovec -- Construction Services Jeff Cook -- Stores Human Resource Tom Stogner -- Stores Human Resources Larry Hoffman -- Store Operations Bryan Paulson -- Store Operations Lisa Reiss -- Store Environment Steven Jon Flunker -- Logistics Kevin Persons -- Logistics Tina White Potter -- Strategic Planning & Research Adam Tarczynski -- Merchandise Operations Steve Allen -- JCP Direct Support Departments Rick Gomon -- Information Technology Nhan Ngo -- Information Technology Mitch Frank -- Tax Services D.
Dick Flunker, senior applications development project manager-store support centers, Information Technology
The ability to access medical management on the Internet was key to EBC's decision to partner with American Health: "Our short-range strategy is to integrate American Health's Internet products into our provider, member and payor portals," said Bruce Flunker, EBC's President.