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Higuchi said parents are often the main obstacle to flunking students - and their attitudes aren't likely to change.
What was curious in this whole episode of lifters flunking dope tests was how the Indian officialdom remained inert, till the government put its foot down and said they had to go.
So warns the Flunking Numbers report released by the Keep USF Fair Coalition.
government were a student, it would be on the verge of flunking Ocean Policy 101, to judge by the U.
For example, if your friend is telling you she's OK about flunking her history exam but is wringing her hands, it's a sign that she really might be bugged.
To quote from the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2003: Angry over his family's move from California to New Sodom, Massachusetts, Cody acts out by flunking all his courses--even homeroom.
Laboy was ridiculed by commentators after failing his own test three times and then placing 20 Lawrence bilingual-education teachers on unpaid leave for flunking a separate English fluency test.
PALMDALE - Once housing remedial classes for students in danger of flunking, the Palmdale School District's Pueblo Learning Center will become a parent center and site of other programs.
Captain Pip Tattersall, 26, dropped out of the gruelling eight-week course after flunking all-night endurance tests.