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In the fourth flushed showed that treatment 4 (9x12) has the highest number of pileus with a mean of 13.
The only way she could have got there is if she was flushed down the toilet.
Both the company and MPA"confirmed Larsson's initial estimation--that relatively few patches flushed down the toilet could have a negative impact on the environment," MPA's Tomas Salmonson told Science News.
Traditional dry grinding is slowly giving way to flushed color in Europe due to Sun Chemical's presence.
Lombardi, Gundersen, Zammett, Walters, and Morris (1988) compared IV catheters flushed with heparin and catheters flushed with saline in a sample of 74 pediatric patients, age 4 weeks to 18 years.
Here's one instance in which good ideas were flushed down the toilet--again and again and again.
As the exclusive retail category sponsor of "The Flushed Away Underground Adventure," scheduled to launch at AOL.
Temporary yellow signs will be posted within the areas that are being flushed to inform the residents.
Unlike single-pump systems, the EFP250 features two pumps that allow all channels to be flushed simultaneously in just 90 seconds.