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They can also do a journeyman's job, hunting to the gun in the uplands as either a flusher or a pointer, depending on how they have been trained.
Murphy adds that automated flushers eliminate the custom that many students and adults have of using their foot to activate toilets with handles.
When hunting over flushers, this means letting your partner know when the dog is making game, so he has time to pinpoint it before the bird goes up.
30p Police h evict sq and two flushers unpleas conditio streets a two clea Tyne of Economy Gastronomy (8.
Driven by the growing concern over germs on restroom surfaces, an increasing number of commercial, private, and public buildings are installing automatic faucets, flushers, soap and paper towel dispensers, cleaning systems, and other touch-free devices in their restrooms.
1 truck with a combined high pressure flushers and solid construction Saugwagenaufbaus with water treatment.
Even with new systems and refinements to old designs to make water-saving toilets work better, there are still a lot of weak flushers out there.
Lot 1: Trucks - Cabover, 3-axis with steered trailing axle, suitable for an additional fixed design of a combined high pressure flushers and Saugwagenaufbaus with water treatment in accordance with Los.
I've watched dogs of a number of breeds that lacked any stylish, eye-catching traits, but were honest-to-God bird finders or flushers or fetchers.
uk, shows that some of the least desirable jobs in Britain - such as sewer flushers and embalmers - are among the best paid.
Technical Concepts, a global leader in the rapidly growing touch-free washroom automation market, offers a comprehensive suite of touch-free washroom systems that includes automated soap dispensers, flushers, cleaners, faucets and air freshening systems.