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Developers can use Flutter to speed up the process of building native mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices because applications and interfaces made with Flutter are built from a single code base.
From 2004-2006 to 2013, 71 people were diagnosed with high blood pressure and 44 with a heart flutter.
A model of NACA0012 benchmark experimental flutter results with unsteady pressure distributions were reported in the literature [7].
Now that the breeding season is in full swing the fledgling sparrows fearlessly perch on the garden furniture just inches from our patio windows, they flutter off to join their siblings and wait patiently while mum feeds them in turn, all seen just feet from our windows.
Wow and Flutter is Spicers most compelling work to date.
Starting with this goal, this paper proposes the novel and new flutter stability of the bridge section model based on the simulated annealing algorithm (Soni, 2013; Wang, 2014).
Years ago, I was flying a friend's P-51 Mustang and was flying low-level at roughly 400 knots (at the time there was no speed restriction below 10,000 feet) when the rudder flutter began.
Like afib, atrial flutter is a problem with the hearts electrical system.
The company said the Blazer OI catheter is designed for use in ablation procedures to restore a normal heart rhythm for patients in atrial flutter.
Most have investigated shear effects on the divergence and flutter loads of nonconservative systems using FE formulations, but those studies neglected the effects of damping.
The 4pm feature race was the Pride of Coventry handicap chase, with a prize pot worth over PS12,000, won by six-yearold relative newcomer Red Seventy, who beat Another Flutter into second place.
You kick hard with a flutter kick, while you bring your arms over your head and into the water one at a time.