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On the basis of the data obtained, we solve the problem of identifying the currents in the wires of the TL under which the sum of the squared errors of the measured and model values of the flux density of the MF at the given points is minimized.
11 show that the magnetic flux density at the place where section 1 makes a contact with the platform is 0.
No-load magnetic flux density distribution over magnet pole and iron pole pitch of the [V.
Based on the measured temperature curves at different positions, the wall heat flux density of each position has been determined.
Figure (11) shows the magnetic flux density distribution for two broken rotor bars as a sample for show the effect of broken bars on the flux distribution.
2]-s flux density due to the photovoltage produced across the Schottky junction.
Beyond the surface, the flux density decreases as the integration path gets longer, while the current that the path encloses remains the same (the total current).
Motivated by the contour plot in Figure 4, the following factors are studied to enhance its homogeneity; the first factor is the aspect ratio of GMM geometry and the alternative factor denotes the remanent flux density of PM patches.
The first category is based on obtaining the flux density due to permanent magnets and currents assuming a smooth, that is, slotless, half plane with infinite permeability, as in [10].
The stator resistance becomes higher, increasing Joule losses, but it is compensated by the reduction of iron losses due to the magnetic flux density reduction.
Specifically, based on the proposed model (equation 4) it is expected that the amplitude of the stimulating current is reduced in proportion to the magnitude of the applied magnetic flux density.