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To evaluate the canopy openness effect on spore germination we selected six sites with different canopy openness, estimating the canopy openness as the photon flux density proportion (% PFD) between: 0.
Because the potential A is defined as (3), the values and the distribution of magnetic flux density B can be found in every point of the FEM model by the post-processing of A.
There was a parameter giving the quantity of leakage flux density.
One relatively simple way that the authors could have demonstrated that the diffusion rate or flux density is directly proportional to cross-sectional area is to calculate, using the equation for the volume of a cylinder (=[PI] [r.
This means that the actual non-periodic influence to the global OLR flux density is weak, leading also to a low value of the corresponding exponent H.
On the basis of magnetic flux density in w-coordinates, the distribution of magnetic flux density in z-coordinates (in the air gap) will be obtained:
Numerical solutions for laminar (100 [less than or equal to] Re [less than or equal to] 1500), incompressible, constant property and forced convection in the entrance region of wavy-wall channels maintained at constant wall heat flux density are obtained.
On the other hand modern technology permits to manufacture traps from permanent magnets with not much smaller values of the magnetic flux density B and one may use a normal solenoid as a magnetic shutter.
The photometric measurement of luminous flux density (the equivalent of the radiometric system's irradiance) is in units of lumen*[m.
Saturation flux density is 1000 A/m between 25[degrees] and 100[degrees]C.