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At a high magnetic flux density (51 mT), the extrudate swell ratio for the COP magnetic field system was slightly higher than that for the CUP magnetic field system.
In the center of the setup an additional current carrying rod creates an azimuthal magnetic field, which is always perpendicular to the storage field and therefore helps keep the flux density in the whole storage volume above a critical value, below which reorientation of the spin may occur [see Eq.
Similarly, choosing a core with a higher cross-sectional area also leads to a lower flux density for a given input, thus increasing the saturation power level.
If an antenna with a matched load resistor is immersed inside a blackbody radiator, the flux density will be constant from all directions.
The research is based on direct measurements of the effective value of the magnetic flux density of alternating MF in a limited number of points using a Magnetoscop 1.
On the basis of the data obtained, we solve the problem of identifying the currents in the wires of the TL under which the sum of the squared errors of the measured and model values of the flux density of the MF at the given points is minimized.
4) in order to study the magnitude of flux density passing through steel plates.
Figure 3 shows a no-load 2-D air-gap flux density distribution in the U and V concepts at two different field excitation levels: field-weakening at [I.
i] are Fourier coefficients and C is the constant for the averaged heat flux density.
The quantum efficiency as a function of wavelength at a flux density of [10.
So this part concentrates on current density distribution and magnetic flux density distribution graphs at different gap distances and the voltage frequency is fixed at 400 Hz.