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Novel fluxing agent for slags in secondary steel ladles to improve refractory life time and steel quality.
added "For more than fifteen years USI has been supplying industry leading fluxing systems to Speedline/Electrovert, and we're extremely pleased to continue our long lasting relationship by introducing the latest in Ultra-Spray technology, the Optima fluxing system.
The impact of the revisions to the secondary aluminum MACT rule resulted in the savings of many thousands of dollars in compliance costs, while further reducing toxics emissions and chlorine fluxing rates.
Through the four years of molten metal quality assessment, hundreds of degassing and fluxing trials and evaluations were conducted in 10 major aluminum casting facilities in the U.
In selecting a spray fluxing system, one must consider the complexity of the circuit boards being processed in a lead-free environment.
Plant B combines its degassing and fluxing practices into one operation.
For today's flux chemistries, spray fluxing using atomizing air nozzles is preferred.
Present day fluxing practices are discussed, including the use of flux in one or more stages within the treatment and processing of molten aluminum.
To do so, a spray fluxing system must apply the flux uniformly to the bottom surface of the board and into the through-holes.
Heels encourage expansion cracks, and the metal may still contain fluxing material that will be released into the hot crucible.
Two independent ways to achieve clean metal - fluxing by injection and rotary degassing - will be discussed in this article.
The Dip-Flux Feeder facilitates flip chip assembly by fluxing flip chips and other component types prior to placement.