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Contract notice: delivery of in-core neutron fluxus metering chain (kni-1) to vver-440 reactor 2018-2021.
Durante su breve existencia, BGP publico decenas de libros de poetas visuales, escritores neodadaistas, de artistas de la segunda generacion del movimiento Fluxus, musicos, compositores, cineastas, performers, sin hablar de los ocho ejemplares de la revista Schmuck y de los memorables catalogos de Fluxshoe.
And yet this was unquestionably a twin of the German Fluxus artist's Ruhender Verkehr (Stationary Traffic), 1969, a public sculpture parked since 1989 on Hohenzollernring in downtown Cologne, which I had grown fond of during pilgrimages to Walther Konig's nearby bookstore.
Para los artistas Fluxus cada acto, cada momento y cada espacio, ofrecen la posibilidad de serlo.
Collaborating on music projects and performing with Pauline Oliveros, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Scanner, Machinefabriek, Yasunao Tone and visual artists including Tony Oursler, Joan Jonas and the late, great Fluxus artist and "Father of Video Art" Nam June Paik, Vitiello has composed for independent films, experimental video projects and art installations for more than two decades
In the 1960s, a network of artists known as Fluxus, a movement initiated by Lithuanian-born George Maciunas, attempted to create a unified, interdisciplinary art that crossed boundaries between literature, music, painting, film, and performance.
In the above quote, the French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou describes the conception of an Eternal Network made up of artists and their production, among other pursuits.
Maciunas, a Lithuanian-born American performance artist, was a founding member of the avant-garde artist network Fluxus.
Pafos 2017, the organisation in charge of the events being run as part of Paphos being proclaimed the European Capital of Culture for the year 2017, together with exArtis, a cultural movement made up of people wanting to further cultural events in Cyprus, are organising a lecture tomorrow all about the German art movement Fluxus.
It references expressionism, impressionism, dadaism and fluxus, with well-known examples including the title sequences from Psycho, Gone with the Wind, Se7en and Star Wars and music videos including Muse, Kanye West and Justice.
Maclear's narrative--the language concise, engaging and revealing depth of character--and Stephens' illustrations -beautifully rendered in gouache and expressing much playfulness and humour--both capture the essence of what Fluxus artists were trying to do, and convey the movement's ideas in ways that are accessible to younger readers and listeners.
During the early 1960s she moved between Japan and New York, and became involved with a group of artists known as Fluxus.