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Ruby Hammer: "Bourjois and Rimmel (and of course Ruby and Millie) are my favourite brands to recreate the fly-by-night high fashion catwalk looks without having to invest in an expensive product.
No problem there since Emily is pregnant by her fly-by-night pilot boyfriend, who departs for World War II after their lone roll in the tall summer grass.
What I'm looking for is a chance for her to see that this is not some cockeye, fly-by-night, desperate act of a dying program.
This fly-by-night outfit exploited its official-sounding title to frighten businesses into using its registration service.
Bush did promise to establish standards for private investment so ``there will be no fly-by-night speculators or day trading.
Consumers need protection from scam artists and fly-by-night hucksters, whether these operators lurk online or at the local street corner.
Even though the Arena Football League is a stable organization in its 15th season, the average sports fan tends to see anything besides the NFL, NHL, NBA or Major League Baseball as a fly-by-night operation that could fold at any time.
Ignore this service which, despite its impressive name, is a fly-by-night outfit run from a grimy tower block in central Manchester.
State regulators say the movie is a realistic view of fly-by-night brokerage firms, and they urge investors to take a lesson from Hollywood about the world of high-pressure telephone sales operators.