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28) The lines chosen for Charles Search enact a voice in the process of rupture or breaking loose: a theme that not only possesses obvious parallels with Pessoa's process of self-othering but is also further explored on the same flyleaf.
Dame Agnes's ownership is indicated by a note entered on a flyleaf of S by one "Isabell Lumley" ("Here beginnith the boke cald Grace Dieu giffen unto the / Monasterye of Marrick by Dame Agnes Radcliff onn / whose sowl Ihesu haue mercye.
FIREFLIGHT Gothic-metal, Christian and female, this vocally driven band is reminiscent of another great Christian band, Flyleaf as well as mainstream artist.
1) During a retrospective conversion project in 2004 at the Vaughan Memorial Library of Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia), a cataloguer examining an old book for bibliographic details came across some old-fashioned handwriting on the back flyleaf.
In December 1980 a loner and loser named Mark David Chapman loitered outside John Lennon's New York doorway, clutching a copy of The Catcher in the Rye, on the flyleaf of which he had scrawled: "This is my statement.
have permitted it), write down in the flyleaf of the book
The Bright Star poem was written by Keats in the flyleaf of his copy of the works of Shakespeare and includes the line "And watching, with eternal lids apart".
THE aid convoy has come more than 5000 miles without let or hindrance, as the flyleaf of our passports demands, and here we are stuck on the Egyptian border, a few paces from Gaza, and it's another night in the car and more negotiation before we can pass across.
blank except for the date and coffee-stained flyleaf.
This book, which is described on the flyleaf as in part an updating of his 1989 book, China Changes Face, begins with a chapter subtitled "The new 'New China'"in which he contrasts the "new China" brought into being with the socialist transformation of the political and economic systems in the country in the first decade after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 with the "new China" of today.
They include extensive information on mating and whelping, emergencies, body systems and pediatrics, a very handy index to signs and symptoms on the flyleaf, clinical photographs, and methods of adapting to disabled or geriatric dogs.
I Have Landed', an examination of flyleaf inscriptions by Aldous Huxley's grandmother, exemplifies the magical continuity of 3.