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Of the 1,164 samples tested by WB assay based on chimpanzee foamy virus antigens, 21 (1.
Macaques harbor several enzootic retroviruses, including simian foamy virus (SFV), simian type D retrovirus (SRV), and simian T-cell lymphotropic virus (STLV).
Seroprevalence of simian foamy virus reached 88% among adult animals.
Although reactivity of HMS 14 antiserum is weak, this serum was able to neutralize SFV but not the chimpanzee-derived primate foamy virus, which confirmed infection (data not shown).
Currently, no known foamy virus can spread between humans, but until the 20th century, the same was true of the simian equivalents of HIV, the likes of which we will hopefully never see again, thanks to GVFI.
Lab results show that many of the animals had been exposed to four common monkey viruses: 97 percent of the monkeys showed evidence of exposure to simian foamy virus, 95 percent to rhesus cytomegalovirus, 90 percent to simian virus 40, and 64 percent to herpes B virus.
People in central Africa who had tucked in to 'bushmeat' - which includes gorilla flesh - showed evidence of simian foamy virus.
2004) have confirmed zoonotic infections with simian foamy virus in residents of central African forests who reported direct contact with blood and body fluids of wild nonhuman primates.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the blood of 231 lab workers who handled monkeys and found that four had become infected with simian foamy virus after receiving bites or scratches from the animals.
Foamy Virus Vector Production and Transduction of Hematopoietic Cells
Risk assessment: a model for predicting cross-species transmission of simian foamy virus from macaques (M.
PhD, from the National Institutes of Health, and colleagues, used an engineered foamy virus to deliver a normal copy of the canine CD18 DNA into the bone marrow stem cells of 5 puppies with CLAD.