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The receipt of this contract reflects DRS's reputation as a leader in focal plane technology and reinforces our position as a major provider of sensors and assemblies for space-based missions," said Fred L.
The objective of the Irvine Sensors contract, a joint activity with Grumman, is to demonstrate a HYMOSS module which is interoperable with Grumman's existing focal plane module design, but which is substantially smaller and which adds the ability to "see" in several different infrared wavelengths simultaneously.
FT-IR microscopes equipped with a Focal Plane Array Detector are very rare.
First focal plane and second focal plane reticles each have certain strengths and weaknesses.
If the prism is absent, the objective forms images in the two wavelengths that are separated in the focal plane by a distance S = F.
Denton custom configured these Explorer platforms for indium bumping, a critical process in focal plane array fabrication.
Most of the present thermal imaging systems use infrared focal plane array (IRFPA), which consists of a mosaic of 2-D photo detectors placed at the focal plane of imaging systems [Ref 6-8].
These infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs) benefit from cooling to help mitigate dark current in order to boost the signal to noise ratio (SNR) thus increasing performance and effective standoff range.
The lens is designed to focus the visible and invisible infrared light rays onto a single focal plane.
The system design incorporates a fifth-generation focal plane array seeker for robust guidance performance and infrared countermeasure resistance and jet vane control for agile turning.
The Thousand Oaks-based imaging and electronics developer, a privately held research spinoff of Rockwell International, will provide infrared focal plane arrays for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.
The Jade infrared camera uses a 320 x 240-pixel sensitive microbolometer focal plane array sensor offering thermal sensitivity of less than 80 mk and a thermal response time of less than four milliseconds.