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If we move from the "story" level to the "discourse" level, we will find that the dual focalization and dual narratorial (un)reliability in the two narrative movements are of a similar subversive-strengthening nature.
Just as the reader loses Darcy's focalization in the previous sentence, however, the focalization through Elizabeth undergoes a momentary lapse in transmission.
The intense and at times direct second-person focalization offers in this regard neither any probing evaluative insights nor does it take up any particularized issues, ideas, concerns or conceits.
This strategy suggests that in a climate of national anxiety, vulnerability, and retrenchment coincident with war, masculinist and metropolitan focalizations of national violence becomes highly guarded and resolute.
This conception of the text as simultaneously readable and unreadable echoes Hemingway's strategy of ambiguous focalization insofar as it both offers and withholds the reader's interpretive access.
Ibis is capable of external focalization due to his divine sides which give him a temporal and spatial overview of America as well as an intellectual ability to analyze what he sees and knows.
Focalization strategy is based on choosing a target segment, niche that is insufficiently explored, excluding those segments of the market that are already disputed and conquered.
McHale lists various Modernist or epistemological themes, structures and devices including the focalization of evidence through a single consciousness.
Unfortunately, social programs do not guarantee poverty reduction because of existing problems of inefficiency, insufficient focalization, and weak design and management," Cesar Penaranda, IEDEP director, told La Primera.
The physical exam did not show any neurologic focalization.
In his middle period poems, an experimental posture toward language enables him to explore how imagery, syntax, and focalization can structure a reader's sympathetic identification with a speaker who is actively listening.