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Immunostain results revealed that the tumor cell results were diffusely positive for p16 (C); completely negative for p53 (D), ER (E), and PR (not shown); and focally positive for vimentin (F).
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (MST) non-invasively and focally stimulates the brains of awake adults and is sometimes used in identifying or treating several disorders.
In these solid portions of the mass, the tissue was white and focally exhibited a whorled appearance.
She had multiple, firm, focally ulcerated and eroded lesions 0.
Two smallbacked perches enroost catbird sitters focally centered withal convex corner-posed looking glasses refracted floor-to-ceiling-to-counter .
LCM uses an infrared laser to transiently and focally melt an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) thermoplastic film applied to a tissue section.
Summarization of this volume is difficult as it lacks cohesiveness, both organizationally and focally.
Our NTDDS technology, which can deliver drugs focally directly to the peripheral nervous system, is the heart of the Company's development efforts for the treatment of chronic pain.
Affirming its growth plans across the UAE, through its provision of a tailored and divergent array of Shari'ah compliant financial products and services; Islamic Finance House is set on addressing the augmented demand on Shari'ah compliant investments, personal, as well as corporate financing; whilst focally placing its customers' experience at the forefront of its operations.
PDT can be delivered locally and focally without having to systemically toxify the patient for a small centimeter nodule that's out in the periphery of the lungs and is starting to metastasize.
2 (dim staining), strongly positive for prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), and very focally weakly positive for PSA, PSA phosphatase (PSAP), and pancytokeratin (Fig.