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In addition to training as a Focuser, I also found a link between Focusing and artistic expression, which opened up the possibility of my participants expressing their bodily and subjective experiences of abortion in a non-verbal, visual, and creative way.
Several other scopes in the field sported versions of his signature finderscope mount and focuser designs, a testament to his dedication in making it possible to produce viable instruments from basic materials.
I made the focuser board and finder bar out of a very rigid plywood with a hard 'Formica' type surface.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Lockheed Martin has developed the Suspicion Vessel Focuser (SVF) -- a novel software technology that allows naval watchstanders to monitor large numbers of ships and focuses their attention on those that pose the greatest threat.
As for the impact of nonlinguistic variables, it is noticeable that like is the only discourse marker that seems to be influenced by the relationship between the partners, with American friends using it more often than strangers to give an example, and German friends using it more often than strangers to search for the appropriate expression, as a lexical focuser and as a discourse marker in general.
Reflectors use mirrors; a curved primary mirror reflects the light onto a small secondary mirror which then bounces the image through a focuser into the eyepiece.